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Bale King 8100 - Bale Processor

With the Bale King, you can do it all!

Bale King 8100 - Bale Processor

Highly sought after machine! View the Bale King 8100 in our yard and get a quote from Lauren by emailing

- Reduce feed and bedding costs
- Give every member of your herd the same advantages the dominant ones have
- Give your stock more palatable feed
- Manage more livestock with less work
- Chop and spread for erosion & odour control or add organic matter to soils
- Chop and spread to cover or cushion specialty crops
- Significantly reduce TMR mixing times by pre-processing your dry matter in a Bale King processor

Model 8100 Bale King- Handles 2 bales capacity but can handle round & square bales at the same time, with one in the chamber and carry one on the loading forks.

1000 RMP PTO
Right-hand discharge
Dual roller feed system
Hydraulic deflector
Adjustable slug bars

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