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Boomerang Mark 6 Bale Feeder

The new Boomerang Mark 6 is self loading, 2 bale capacity bale feeder is built to last!

Boomerang Mark 6 Bale Feeder

We stock these impressive machines year-round. Order yours today!

The Boomerang MK 6 bale feeder is a self-loading machine that can carry hay or silage, big square or round bales, two bale capacity. The floatation tyres come with three-tonne axles and hubs. The unit is capable of feeding out either side and has the ability to vary the speed, depending on the supply of oil.
- Floor in bale chamber means no leaf loss when feeding out
- Feeds both sides – variable speed
- Adjustable bale chamber from 4’6″ to 5’10” to ensure bales don’t land on their end
- Double chassis all 6mm for added strength when feeding big heavy bales
- Adjustable hitch so machine can still be level when fitted to different tractor draw bar heights
- Large twine box to store old twine or plastic. Removable
- Pivoting high tensile spikes for spearing and picking up bales
- All pivot points are greasable
- Close coupled h-d hydraulic motor – duplex drive
- Plastic mudguards fitted to keep bales clean. Lift to remove material buildup
- Anti-wrap shields on all turning parts
- 4 hose standard optional electric or mechanical diverter available
- High tensile drive shafts
- 3″ sold link heavy duty conveyor chain
- Will load and feed out any size big square or round bales

Weight: 1080kg
Length: 4.9m (16’1”)
Height: 1.5m (4’11”)
Width: 2.5m (8’3”)
Construction: 6mm RHSChains: 3”
Bale Chamber Length: 1.8m (5’10”)
Axles: 3 tonne

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