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Massey Ferguson Disc Mower 316 TL-V

Razor Edge Three Point Linkage Vertical Lift

Massey Ferguson Disc Mower 316 TL-V

Featuring RazorEdge and the latest in ground adaptation technology for the perfect forage production with minimum loss, this machine will see you through many hay seasons to come.
Check it out at Southern Forest Machinery, or call 089772100 for a quote.

• Rear mounted centre support mower with vertical folding
• Hydro-pneumatic suspension
• SafetySwing protection system
• NEW heavy duty Global cutterbar
• Low profile spur gear cutter bar

Centre support with vertical folding
MF DM TL-V mowers fold vertically for transporting within the machine’s centre of gravity and provide excellent weight distribution of the tractor / mower combination. With compact transport dimensions of less than 3 m wide and a transport height of lower than 4 m these machines are ideally suited where road
transport is a regular requirement.

Hydro-pneumatic suspension system
TurboLift system for infinitely variable ground pressure control. Adapts to varying field conditions and eliminates damage to the sward.

SafetySwing protection system
Prevents damage in the event of hitting an obstruction by moving backwards and upwards. Automatically re-engages into the working position through its own weight. Additionally MF TL-V mowers feature all round plastic bumpers to protect against minor damage and a hydraulically foldable end panel to reduce height
when in the transport position.

- RazorEdge
- Vertical Lift
- Roller Conditioner
- Rear Linkage
- Centre Attachment
Width: 3.1m
Min Power: 85HP
PTO RPM: 1000
Discs: 6

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