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Massey Ferguson Rotary Rake 662

NOW ON ORDER MF Two-rotor central delivery rake with transport chassis - Excellent raking quality, easy handling and a durable design

Massey Ferguson Rotary Rake 662

Sold!! Units are available to order in as required.
From its innovative suspension to its clean gathering action (without all that dirt and debris), the MF RK Series delivers a well-formed windrow that leads to higher quality hay.

Build The Perfect Windrow - Cam-action tine arms per rotor and a heavy-duty vinyl curtain let you easily adjust raking action and windrow width.

Floating Along - Our unique RotorFlex suspension lets rotors “float” from front to back and side to side to cleanly gather the crop into a more manageable windrow.

Down With Dirt - "Jet effect" lifting and lowering means the front lifts first and lowers last, so tines don't dive into the ground — and there's less dirt in your crop.

We Have Lift-Up - The RK Series rakes are all equipped with a headland position feature, meaning rotors do not need to be switched off at the end of the field.

The all-rounders in the MF two-rotor central rake range
Automatic working width pre-selection, tidy raking work, precisely deposited swaths and quick and safe travel from field to field, are all offered by the MF RK 662 two-rotor central delivery rakes. They can master any working situation.

With the optional 6-wheel contact-sensing chassis and the cardanic suspension of the rotors, tidy and loss-free raking work is always achieved. The best starting point for your high quality forage.

Convenience of operation, pure and simple
The working width can be adjusted without tools and, combined with the externally adjustable control cam, enables the creation of an optimum swath for the machines following on behind. The working width can be selected in four different dimensions, providing maximum convenience.

Patented technology ensures the lowest transport height is always achieved regardless of the pre-selected working width. Because of the automatic height limitation in the headland position, it is no longer necessary to switch off the tractor PTO on headland turns.

Working width: 5.5m - 6.6m
Transport width: 2.98m
Power requirements: 26HP
Rotor delivery: Right hand, center and right hand
Weight: 1550kg

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