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McHale V8940 Variable Chamber Round Baler

McHale Variable Chamber Balers- for optimum bale formation

McHale V8940 Variable Chamber Round Baler

The McHale V8940 is a non-chopper variable chamber baler equipped with a high intake feed rotor to ensure even and efficient crop flow to the bale chamber. The McHale V8740 is driven by a primary drive system for optimum bale formation. Central grease blocks are fitted on the machine for greasing while oiling is controlled through the continuous oiling system. Net and bale density can be adjusted from the cab through the Expert Plus control console.

Key features include:
- New pickup with a choice of cam track or cam-less to choose from
- Larger lateral feed augers
- Larger rotor
- Adaptive intake
- Drop floor unblocking system
- Three heavy duty endless belts
- High performance netting system
- New panels
- Expert Plus control console
- Bale kicker

In stock and available at Southern Forest Machinery now!

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