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Hydralada 640h MAXI

Safe, strong, reliable and productive- our most popular machine for avocados and mangos!

Hydralada 640h MAXI

WE HAVE 3 IN STOCK - get a quote today on this in-demand machine, just in time for your harvest!

The 640h MAXI is our most popular machine for avocados and mangos. Fitted with Tandem Four Wheel Drive for added stability and traction, this machine will go almost anywhere. Safety comes first and the 640h is a stable machine, but still very productive in the field. Contractors use this model for picking fruit due to the high output and low per hour operating costs. With the unique three pedal foot controls in the platform floor, operation is completely hands free!

Quiet engine
Powered by high torque petrol engine that is reliable, fuel efficient, as well as low noise and most importantly, low vibration levels.

Rigid Chassis
Strong chassis with higher boom pivot for excellent reach into the trees and working height of up to 8.40m.

Foot operated drive controls
Unique three-pedal foot controls in the platform floor. Independent wheel drive means you can turn on the spot and lift simultaneously, all hands free.

6.40m- Lift height to platform floor
Drive Train and Wheels
1.5″ drive axles
Hydrabrake system
26 x 12.00 x 12 drive wheels
185 x 14 rear castor wheel
Six stud heavy duty wheel equipment
High torque hydraulic motors

23hp- Kohler Twin Cylinder OHV Petrol Engine

Heavy duty rigid chassis
Heavy duty lift boom
Low profile tail
Externally mounted muffler
Maximum platform rated capacity
Three pedal foot controls
Hand operated accelerator
Smooth hydraulic valve
Dual station with base controls for emergency situations

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