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Hydralada Half Row Trimmer VTR1

Single mast design with a 10km/hr trimming speed

Hydralada Half Row Trimmer VTR1

From the Hydralada Viniculture Range, this machine is priced to sell! Enquire today- 0897772100 or email

Single mast design, 1.80m vertical cutter board, five rotary blades, topper assembly.
Unique design cuts and sucks - rotary blades creates suction, drawing leaves into the trimmer. Vertical cutter board is pivoted at the top, leaving clear throat for trimmed foliage to fall to the ground.

Heavy duty and adjustable - dual mast robust frame can be adjusted to suit vineyards. Adjustable cutter boards, toppers move independently, and each side includes a swing breakaway system.

Tractor Oil Supply Required
- 20lpm
- 2000psi
- Dual tractor auxiliary oil remote outlets
- 3 Station Joystick Remote Control Station

700mm Rotary topper diameter
Trimmer Boards- 2 x Vertical Trimmer Boards
- Rotary Blades x 10 (5 per board)
- Heavy Duty Spindles
- Heavy Duty Bearings
- Belt Drive
- Rigid Board

10kmh Trimming speed
- Dual Mast
- Heavy duty headstock with nylon bush inserts
- Breakaway system

Talk to us about customising your half row trimmer VTR1!

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