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McHale HS2000 High Speed Trailed Bale Wrapper

The professional choice

McHale HS2000 High Speed Trailed Bale Wrapper

The McHale HS2000 brings high speed trailed and inline wrapping to a new level. The HS2000 is a dual purpose machine, which can be operated in one of two ways;
1. Offset behind a tractor - the machine is capable of wrapping up to 100 bales per hour, applying four layers of film.
2. Inline behind a baler - here the machine will match the output of the baler.
bale loading
The machine loads from the front and picks up the bale as it comes out of the baler. This means that when working behind a tractor there is no need to cross the swathes to pick up the next bale. When working behind a baler the spring mounted lift arm will float down to the ground, which allows the bale to easily
pass from the baler to the wrapper.

The wrapping table tilts forward for bale loading, this allows the bale to gently pass from the lift arm to the wrapping table reducing the stress on the chassis of the machine. When the wrapping cycle is complete the wrapping table tilts rearward and the bale is gently placed on the ground.

The two 750mm aluminium dispensers maintain a consistent stretch, which maximises film usage. The dispenser unit consists of two aluminium rollers, which are geared to each other with robust steel gears of different ratios.

Automatic film break sensing comes as standard. This ensures if one of the rolls of film breaks or runs out the machine will detect this and slow bale rotation and increase the number of revolutions of the satellite. This ensures that the bale is wrapped correctly.
If both rolls of film break or run out the machine notifies the operator in the cab via the control box that the machine is “out of film”.

Film loading is made easy on the machine with a lock and load system. When the operator removes the core of the empty film roll, the top roller locks in the open position, when the new roll is loaded the operator simply pulls the cord and the top roller is released and locks the new roll in position.

This secondhand HS2000 wrapper still has plenty of life left in it for many silage seasons to come!
Come on in to our yard to view this machine or call us on 97772100 for a quote today.

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