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Massey Ferguson 5709 Cabbed Tractor

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Massey Ferguson 5709 Cabbed Tractor

Understated and yet probably the single most important part of any Massey Ferguson tractor is its driveline. Every component of the chassis has been designed to boast immense strength, a major factor
in an agricultural tractor’s overall performance. This modern design provides versatility, power, durability and outstanding capability to these new MF 5700 models.

4.4L, 4 Cylinder AGCO Power Engine Massey Ferguson MF 5700 Series Tractors refine the Global Series’ modern, straightforward design with the addition of the renowned 12F x 12R Synchro & Power Shuttle Transmission.
Built in Massey Ferguson’s award-winning factory in Changzhou China, the latest 92HP (76kW) models broaden the appeal of the MF 5700 Series. Developed and built on the strong, 2.32m wheelbase MF 5700 chassis, providing a 4.3t lift capacity, these cost-effective tractors are ideally suited to a wide range of field work and transport. They come equipped with a host of modern features, including hydraulic controls to ease operation and make them ideally suited to loader operations.

Hydraulics and PTO- Power any implement for any application
The key to reliable, heavy-duty machinery is to choose a tractor that meets the requirements of
today’s modern implements and utilizes them to their full potential within a wide range of agricultural
applications. There is no limit to the range of powered equipment that can be put to work behind the
MF 5709 tractors.
Since 1936, we have always been industry leader when it comes to linkage power and hydraulic capability.
Massey Ferguson’s three-point linkage is the finest example of productivity, power and responsiveness, for the operator in the field. But we have never rested on our laurels when it comes to ensuring our systems meet and exceed the requirements of the very latest implements.

Simple and efficient hydraulic system
A simple open-centre hydraulic system, powered by two gear pumps, one pump provides all the internal services, whilst the 98 litres/min allows the electronically-controlled rear linkage to
lift respectively 3,000kg, 4,300kg or 5,200 kg.
New 100 litre ‘Combined’ flow option
On the MF 5700 and MF 6700, 98 litres/min oil flow is achieved at the press of a button, a higher flow is made available to give extra speed and power for loader operation.

2 spool valves as standard, and a 3rd as an option
In addition, this oil flow is also available via the two standard auxiliary spool valves to operate implement hydraulic functions while operating the steering. A must to have when turning on headlands.
A third spool valve is available as an option to power more demanding implements.

MF 5709 Specifications:
Max power @ 2000rpm: 92HP
Max Torque @ 1500 rpm: 380NM
Engine Type: AGCO Power 4.4L, 4 cylinders
Transmission Type: 12 x 12 Synchronised Mechanical
Rear Linkage Capacity: 4,300 kg

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