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Massey Ferguson GC1725 Compact Tractor

The perfect all-around machine for tackling your everyday jobs

Massey Ferguson GC1725 Compact Tractor

25Hp engine with an optional front end loader and backhoe excavator- we have one in stock!

You worked hard for your special piece of land. You continue to put everything you can into it, because that's the way you do things. That’s why we built the Massey Ferguson® GC1700 Series tractors. For more than 170 years, we've made tractors for people like you—tractors that are strong and versatile, built to handle a wide variety of conditions and applications. On your land, there’s always something to be tended to, even when everything is perfect.

The GC1700 Series works seamlessly with the full-size, 6.5-ft. BH2720 backhoe. Fully integrated four-point sub-frame, large-diameter cylinders, industry-leading cycle times and our exclusive Boom Float Control make this the most versatile, stable and easy

With dual-bucket cylinders and exceptional bucket rollback angles, GC1700 loaders deliver better performance than single-cylinder loaders. Pair that with efficient hydraulic pumps delivering higher output at lower RPM than most competitive models.

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