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SOLD! Massey Ferguson 5711 Dyna 4 Cabbed Tractor

110 HP | 2.49% p.a finance rate on all MF 5700 Dyna-4 Models until 31st March 2024. GET IN QUICK!

SOLD! Massey Ferguson 5711 Dyna 4 Cabbed Tractor

All NEW MF 5711 Dyna-4 Cabbed Tractor 110Hp - order yours in through Southern Forest Machinery today!

This Massey Ferguson transmission is renowned for its outstanding robust reliability with smooth and effortless operation. The impressive performance and efficient design of the Dyna-4 transmission provides a simple, easy-to-use transmission with 16 forward and 16 reverse completely clutchless speeds. There are two very simple and seamless ways to shift up or down through the four Dyna shift ranges and four gears within each range.

Simple, multi-function left-hand control
The exclusive Power Control lever provides convenient straightforward operation. Operators can shuttle between forward/reverse, and select neutral, leaving the right hand free to operate the loader or implement

Comfort Control
Smooth or quick shuttling – you choose by simply adjusting the Comfort Control that suits the job – slow
and smooth or fast and efficient.

Understated and yet probably the single most important part of any Massey Ferguson tractor is its driveline. Every component of the chassis has been designed to boast immense strength, a major factor
in an agricultural tractor’s overall performance. This modern design provides versatility, power, durability and outstanding capability to these new MF 5700 models.

Massey Ferguson Design & Manufacturing
Stylish MF family look. Designed from the ground up, manufactured to state of the art standards. Built in Massey Ferguson’s award-winning factory in Changzhou China, the latest 92HP (68kW) model broaden the appeal of the MF 5700 Series.

Developed and built on the strong, 2.32m wheelbase MF 5700 chassis, providing a 4.3t lift capacity, these cost-effective tractors are ideally suited to a wide range of field work and transport. They come equipped with a host of modern features, including hydraulic controls to ease operation and make them
ideally suited to loader operations.

Come in and check out this impressive mid-range tractor today!

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