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CropLands Croppak 12 Volt Sprayers

Easy to transport and manoeuvre, Croplands 12-volt powered sprayers are well suited for repeat, spot spray operations on your farm or property.

CropLands Croppak 12 Volt Sprayers

With rugged UV-stabilised translucent tanks in sizes from 30-litres up to 300-litres, CropPaks have been designed to deliver durability and long-term reliability. These sprayers carry a 12 month warranty for any faults that show up from manufacture and they are supplied with a heavy duty power cable for added flexibility.

- High-quality translucent tank, UV-stabilised with large filling lid and drain
- 3-stage filtration – filling screen under lid, suction filter and pressure filter in lance handle
- Metal lance with adjustable nozzle which clips into lid for easy storage
- 6 metres of high-quality 20-bar spray hose
- Heavy-duty 12 Volt power lead with rocker switch
- High-quality electrical connector to pump with waterproof plug for quick and reliable connection

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